11. Luststreifen Film Festival Basel 26. – 30.9.2018

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Statements by Politicians

“Lustreifen is surprising, queer, provocative, sophisticated, confusing and funny - simply delightful. The Lust Streifen Film Festival is thought-provoking and provides an essential yet entertaining contribution to see the world from new perspectives and diversity as enrichment. Missing out is forbidden.”
Tonja Zürcher, Co-President BastA!, Member of the Grand Council

“Since we are still far away from seeing LGBT as a self-evident part of society, Luststreifen Film Festival remains sensible and necessary. I congratulate the festival to its great program of 2018 and its steadily growing success. I'm especially pleased about its new collaboration with kult.kino, my favourite cinema in Basel!”
Michael Koechli, Member of the Grand Council LDP

“Lustreifen Film Festival creates a space where people can be themselves, live out their own identity and life plans and where their diversity will be seen as equal. Luststreifen Film Festival is a space where debates happen and ultimately where society moves forward. I support projects which serve to convey culture and the participation of the people. This festival is an important meeting point to enable a discourse on topics that matter to our society.”
Aeneas Wanner, Member of the Grand Council grünliberale

“All different & all equal - that’s my vision. Luststreifen Film Festival prevails since 10 years with wit and shrewdness for all of us, therefore it deserves a big thanks! Im looking forward to cinema at its most, queer perspectives and interesting encounters.”
Raphael Fuhrer, member of the Grand Council Grünses Bündnis

“Luststreifen - makes you lust for cinema and more. That’s what this festival delivers since over 10 years. A festival in Basel, which stands for diversity, tolerance and acceptance, that keeps growing over the years, makes me feel confident, that not everyone and everything must be commercial in order to be successful. It's exactly the non-commercial that is fun and broadens your horizon. A lustful way to step out of your comfort zone and start questioning its limits.”
Sasha Mazzotti, member of the Grand Council SP

“Questioning and breaking through the heteronormative gender order holds the promise of revolution and liberation within, its impact reaching far beyond queer communities. Queers are represented in movies, society and politics, yet still not visible enough. Therefore Basel can be proud, that Switzerland's second biggest LGBTI Festival originated right here and is going into its 11. Round.”
Barbara Heer, member of the Grand Council SP Basel-Stadt

“Movies are always great, but this festival does not only deliver exciting entertainment, it also fosters tolerance and social exchange. The enriching diversity of our society is being pointed out to us and we are held on to discuss and be inspired by those new inputs.”
Dr. Tanja Soland, advocate and member of the Grand Council BS

“I love Basel’s diversity and open-mindedness. Especially among people from the movie industry, it has become an international insider tip. Luststreifen Festival is a substantial part of that reputation.”
Martina Bernasconi, member of the Grand Council FDP

“How refreshing, when a festival provides an alternative to the common norm! Who fits into “the norm” anyways? Luststreifen Film Festival provides a valuable contribution to a diverse media scene, amuses, puzzles and excites. Go have a look and be amazed!”
Lea Steinle, member of the Grand Council Grüne

“Even just the lustful title of Luststreifen Film Festival animates me in the more often uneventful time. Im appealed by its task to promote a discourse, diversity and a peaceful co-existence of all people. Living without them is impossible. The medium of film with its mix of close intimacy and relative distance is able to bring up important points of view which lay the foundation for further in depth face-to-face discussions.”
Steffi Luethi-Brüderlin, member of the Grand Council SP

“I'm looking forward to Luststreifen Film Festival: multifaceted films from all around the world with different points of view - exciting prospects!”
Anita Fetz, member of the States Council SP

“Creative, imaginative and lustful are the movies shown at Luststreifen every year, while picking up on subjects which find little to no space in mainstream cinema. It's also a place, where everyone feels like they belong, where people can look into diverse topics or just rejoice the queerness shown on screen. If Luststreifen would not have been already invented 10 years ago, it would be high time to do so now.”
Beatrice Messerli, member of the Grand Council and Council for Education BastA!